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When they get home, Mom leads Arata straight into Nika's messy room, where he finds (among other grosser things) rank barley tea and pubic hairs lying around.

Nika gets defensive when he notes that her taste isn't at all ladylike, but he goes on to assure her, "It's okay.

Arata thanks her, and admits that her house is loud, but entertaining.

Nika realizes that when he goes home, he's probably alone and starts to offer, "If it's ever lonely eating by yourself..." but stops before she can finish.

She swaps his bread for her bento and wonders aloud why he always eats alone.

He should eat in the classroom like everyone else so that he can make friends.

Arata catches on and assures her, "..I'll call you.

Next time, it's my turn." And indeed, Arata arrives home to a dark and empty house.

" which isn't helped by Nika referring to him informally.Arata overhears her fretting and assures Nika that he hasn't got the tiniest bit of interest in her or her lifestyle.He explains that his reason for accepting her mother's offer was because he wanted to eat a home-cooked meal. Sorry this has taken so long, but the last semester of college really got in the way.Now, considering I'm unemployed, I have plenty of time to watch dramas and write recaps (hopefully), and the second episode of Switch Girl!!

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Nee-chan makes the observation that Nika must like it on top, and Mom chimes in that she always likes being on top too.

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