Non sedating anti emetic

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The vomiting centre is, however, used to co-ordinate the actual event of emesis, regulating the movement of smooth and striated muscle.The CTZ transmits signals to the vomiting centre when a stimuli acts upon the CTZ, causing the activation of the emetic reflex.Hence, a need for emetic drugs arose, drugs which would stimulate the body's natural defences and promote vomiting.However, not all vomiting is a defensive reflex, such as motion sickness, or the nausea associated with pregnancy, both of which cause no biological threat to the existence of the human.The main emetic drug that is used is Ipecacuanha, which contains two substance, emetine and cephaeline, which irritate the gastrointestinal tract to cause the patient to vomit.However, migranes and indigestion are common side effects Emesis can be induced without any influence from foreign substances within the body.Motion sickness is a prime example of this, and has no biological significance on the existence of humans.In the process of motion sickness, the labyrinth in the vestibular apparatus of the ear is moved in a certain way.

It has been hypothesised that the cerebellum may possibly act as a second relay centre, but as the CTZ only responds to chemicals in the plasma, the synaptic pulses from the relay centres could not act directly upon it.One example of this is using emesis to reverse the potentially deadly mistake of eating a poisonous substance.If the bodies natural defences failed to recognise the danger of the foreign toxin in the blood stream, it may be essential to induce emesis.Many drugs can be used to counteract substances working on the CTZ, reaching the area of the brain via the blood stream.The blood-brain barrier around the CTZ is permeable, allowing drugs to act directly on it.

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Many first-generation antihistamines cause drowsiness as a very common side effect, due to the anticholinergic properties of the drug.