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Its arts and crafts for 8 year olds with an additional mode featuring a drag/drop 'programming' interface which I'm assuming is going to be much less involved/interesting than say the interface lego mindstorms uses.I love arduino/RPI, all the little engineering/robotics kits and the lot of maker shit available now adays, but I am definitely not expecting it to be anywhere close to even the most basic of these. Here is a shortcut to all Categories at the bottom of this page.Chatrandom makes it easy to talk to strangers around the world!

It’s the people who aren’t kids and excited that I’ve seen dogging people who say they’re not interested.“Oh so you think you’re too mature to play with cardboard? And labo isn't out and all we've seen from redditors is how cool it is and how much fun they are going to have and if you don't pick it up you're a party pooper that can never have any fun in their life because they are dead inside.

Balance changes are non-existent despite their being a ridiculously OP tactic/shot type in every game.

EA just churn out the same old game year in and year out. This kind of reminds me of Destiny 1, the core gameplay was so fun but Bungie just didn't update it fast enough/add the stuff that the community wanted and thus it is often heavily criticised because they failed to capitalise on its huge potential.

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