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I have a big home, (but only four bedrooms) and lots of wood flooring and I think the Roomba is the best invention since loo paper!The way to operate the Roomba is to first divide the house up into 4 to 6 zones.Therefore you might be able to get all your rooms cleaned with 3 robots.However you will have to deal with the Lighthouse issues where one Lighthouse will only work with one robot.

I keep a VW at the entrance to keep my current roomba out of there, and maybe twice a week I manually carry it into there to clean.

i Robot has a couple of models they sell that are Lighthouse compatable Link is here.

Just use the horizontal slider until you see "Lighthouse Technology".

WE don't fully understad how the Roomba navigates room to room yet. 7 room floor plan with mostly wood floors adequately? The Roomba with Lighthouses does help break up a home so it can clean each "Zone" efficiently.

Do we just turn the Roomba loose or does it require some programming? Does the Roomba leave rubber/bump marks on furniture and basebords? But, with the stock battery that comes with the Roomba's won't cover your whole house.

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I don't have any wood floors, so I can't comment if it scuffs them up. For the highest capacity battery Irobot guarantees the robot will clean four 150 sqft rooms which is 600sqft total.

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