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Online dating sighe

There are 4 major ways of choosing a romantic partner: 1.

The checklist manner: rejection at the first meeting (superficial, negative); 2.

Loving somebody implies being deeply satisfied with the experiences and activities you share with the beloved.

Having compiled such a list, you mark next to each quality whether this is an attribute of a prospective partner.

This kind of search, which is most common in online dating, has two major flaws: (a) it typically lacks any intrinsic hierarchy that would accord each quality a different weight—hence, it ignores the issue of romantic profundity; (b) it focuses on the other person’s qualities in isolation—hence, it ignores the centrality of the connection between the agents in profound love and therefore fails to consider the value of the other person as a partner.

However, when the first chat turns into an online, and then offline, relationship, the likelihood of finding profound love increases.

“There is nothing wrong with him” Unlike the two previous ways of choosing a romantic partner, this way takes into account profound qualities, and when no profound negative qualities are detected, the prospective partner may be given a chance (Gottlieb, 2010).

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