Ortner updating practice theory

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Ortner shows how social theory must both build upon and move beyond classic practice theory in order to understand the contemporary world.

Some of the essays reflect explicitly on theoretical concerns: the relationship between agency and power, the problematic quality of ethnographic studies of resistance, and the possibility of producing an anthropology of subjectivity.

In this way, women played mediatory role between nature and culture through socialization process.

According to Ortner, women are psychologically more emotional and sentimental than men.

They are: ethnocentrism, invalid foundation or who say this, and category itself constructed or question on value free.

In these, she investigates aspects of social class, looking at the relationship between race and middle-class identity in the United States, the often invisible nature of class as a cultural identity and as an analytical category in social inquiry, and the role that public culture and media play in the creation of the class anxieties of Generation X.Women are more connected to children rearing and caring.Due to this, society often confines women in domestic familial role and men freely pursue more cultural activities such as art or religion.There is no such association with nature or culture.However, in Hindu society, women are associated with natural world throw their menstruation and time of child birth process.

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Feminist writers are continued to study of cultures, symbols and sexual stereotypes to analyze female subordination.