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Each county has its own procedures regarding how cases are scheduled.In general, if the opposing party is in state and has been served, they have 30 days to file a written response.Since when did being a single parent mean you have to be lonely too? Online dating involves people posting stuff about them that may or may not be true.The deepest, most enjoyable and life fulfilling connection is the one that comes with the perfect romance. The computer allows a person to hide behind it so that they can virtually type anything they want into a profile and the person on the other end has no idea if it […] If you are looking for a potential babysitter, you first need to know what good questions you should ask during the interview.

The loneliness can lead to serious mental health problems such as depression.As a general rule, the case will happen faster with a lawyer than without one.It depends on the county in which you filed, as well as whether the opposing party files a timely answer.There are disclosures that must be made before the case can be set for a settlement conference or a trial. It may also set a trial date although most courts don't do that until the Mandatory Settlement Conference assuming it has not settled at or by that date.Once those are completed, then the case can be set to get a judgment. Trial, again depending on the county, is usually 90-120 days after the Mandatory Settlement Conference.

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You could get a court date 60 days after the opposing party is served.

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