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Pilot dating site

All indications point to the reported cases being just a tip of an iceberg.

This area of testimony deals specifically with pilot encounters, radar cases and related cases.

The most commonly reported UAP shape is round or oval.

Interestingly, most of the E-M effects occurred when the UAP was nearby the aircraft.

Aviators reported few encounters with unusual aerial phenomena prior to 1942. This paper presents the results of a confidential aircrew survey presented to 298 currently rated and flying commercial pilots employed by a U. This catalogue collects, in one place, summaries of reported observations of UFOs, by aircraft crews, or passengers within or from Australia.

After consulting much of the literature, talking to UFO historians, and visiting Dr. It has been prepared by combing the files of Australian UFO research groups, their magazines and Journals.

A few unexplained collisions in the air have resulted in the loss of human life.

AFU Newsletter reviews a dozen incidents from the last decade.

The article first appeared in the Providence Journal on May 3, 2001, and then, through national syndication, in the San Francisco Examiner and other major newspapers in mid-May, 2001.

R This is a case file of 1300 Aviation related UAP observations dating from 1916 to the present.

This is a fascinating and useful tool to develop an understanding of the threads of commonalties underlying many UAP cases. Out of the 70 completed surveys, 23% of pilots said they had seen something they could not identify in flight.

This bias stifles open discussion of UAP amongst aircrews, management, safety administrators, and the researchers who try to acquire information on this important topic.

On several occasions civilian aircraft with hundreds of passengers have encountered unknown cigar- or missile-shaped objects.

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Selected pilot sighting cases, as well as in-depth overviews of several of the cases.

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