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We stayed outside for most of the night and got very, very drunk.Daddy proved to be almost inexhaustible by screwing Rosita after watching me eat her mother and it seemed as though I'd turned Rosa into a lipstick lesbian."She squealed with laughter and punched me playfully on my shoulder.

""Yes," she said crisply."Well I'm every bit as informal as he is Pat, daddy calls you a friend and I'll be proud to do the same, my name to you and old Red down there is Piper, you got that?

"Very fucking sexy baby.""But I've not finished yet," I squealed.

"I'm still doing it daddy.""Yeah I know," he hissed, "I can feel it."I was aware of Rosita's bottom only inches away from my face as I met daddy's thrusts with my own and it took only the slightest little movement for me to pull her down by her hips so that I could tongue her pussy.

I was naked except for panties under a little robe and I couldn't help slipping my hand inside them as she paraded for me."You look gorgeous darling," I told her as she poured out two glasses of champagne.

"I'm suddenly very wet.""That's just how I like you Piper," she laughed.

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"You made it easy for me."Rosita reached up and laid a hand on her mother's thigh, I placed mine on top of hers and tried to move it up higher but Rosa resisted."No," she whispered softly, "No Piper, that's wrong.""So is my daddy fucking me," I replied equally softly."But that's what we're going to do in a little while."I moved Rosita's hand up and this time her mother didn't resist as her daughter's finger joined mine inside her dripping wet pussy.

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