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Various traditions of palmistry note the significance of the type and placement of rings.

What color and materials you choose, as well as which finger you wear your ring on tell what attribute in yourself you are attempting to amplify or draw attention to, or perhaps even soothe.

Wearing three rings or a three ring set on the left ring finger may be an up and coming indicator of polyamory/polyfidelity.

Many though, stick with the black ring theme, but wear a black bridal set on the right ring finger, and also maybe their normal one on their left ring finger.

However, in my observation of the club scene, black thumb rings on a male or female indicate that someone is into orgies and Pn P (party and play, getting high on drugs and having sex).

In the east however, black jewelry, rings included were, and still often are, worn for protection.

So the most likely reason someone is wearing a black ring is because of this.

A black ring on any other finger of the right hand could indicate that someone is a swinger or polyamorous. This particular trend may be transforming or phasing out now that some celebrities and high status people have come out of the side-chick closet.

Now we have the Infinity Ring in varying forms, to delineate the polyamorous from the party/casual swingers.

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