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” The first season of Showtime’s Polyamory Series: Married and Dating has aired and I’m reflecting on how the show impacted me personally, as well as society as a whole.

By design, this show is late-night, adult-programing, so it might focus on us making out for a disproportionate percentage of our 13 minutes, but where else does the American public get to watch real people who love each other make love without guilt, or shame?#5 I now live in a home with my Poly family of choice.I am not one to wear an apron, but before we started shooting the show, many neighbors have seen me playing with my husband and son in our suburban yard and probably assumed we were the perfect Beaver Cleaver family.Living in apartments, condos, single family homes has always felt strange and proven terribly inefficient.My live-in-lovers and I like to share resources; four adults only need only one washer machine, toaster, blender and the aforementioned cable TV. Tahl likes to cook breakfast while Michael gets Devin ready for school, Jen enjoys shopping and I’ve always said, if your good in bed, you don’t need to do dishes.

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