Prince william dating rumors

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On September 15, 1984, Henry Charles Albert David was born to Prince Charles and Princess Diana.He is mostly called Henry by his family and the media.After that, he pursued his Scottish Master of Arts Degree at the University of St.Andrews where he was given the upper second-class honors.In September 2013, Prince Charles completed his mandatory service in the British Armed Forces. He was baptized on the 82nd birthday of The Queen Mother, his great grandmother on his paternal side.

She was paraded from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abby with her ex-husband, children, brother, and father-in-law walking behind her cortège.

He used to be third-in-line to the throne before his brother had children, which pushed him back to the fifth spot.

Like his brother, he also served the British Armed Forces.

She was crowned Queen of the United Kingdom and other affiliated colonies on June 02, 1953.

He is the eldest son of the queen and the father of Prince William. His marriage to Princes Diana brought life to both his children, Princes William and Prince Harry.

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William Arthur Philip Louis, formally known as Prince William, is currently second-in-line to the British throne after his father.

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