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The club's big project is building a giant robot, one from a show called “Gunvarrel” which, when it aired, utterly revitalized the giant robot school of anime, despite its final episode never airing.Akiho is obsessed with the show and Kaito is the number five ranked player in the game it inspired, Kill-Ballad.In the story's world, idols use magic cards to transform into CG idols, complete with special effects that fans can see with an antenna that they wear on their heads.This does make for sort of a unique transformation sequence, as the girls choose their cards, put them in designated slots on a machine that looks a bit like Cinderella's coach, and then walk through.

Personally, I plan to rewatch the ending theme whenever I have a bad day, because I am now convinced that dancing Rating: 2.5 (out of 5) Review: Kaito and Akiho are the sole members of their school's Robot Research Club, despite Akiho's determined pursuit of the bespectacled (ie brilliant) Hidaka and Kaito's lack of enthusiasm.It's also refreshing that Ichigo isn't clumsy and doesn't, at this point, have some sort of “endearing quirk.” She's a bit light on personality, but that could certainly change.isn't going to revolutionize the magical girl or the idol singer genres, but it is pretty much the definition of good clean fun.Akiho's main goal for the episode is to get the school's vice-principal to agree to an exorbitant budget for the club so that they can complete the robot and enter it in a national expo.She's tried and failed several times before, but her unflagging optimism is, she feels, her best quality, and besides, her sister managed a similar feat eight years ago.

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Apparently this all has to do with a mysterious prophecy called the Rosettagraphy and young boy Kakeru Todoki is the driver of legend they've all been waiting for.

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