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Richard gere dating diane lane

so confounding that they leave us feeling duped, confused, and even just plain angry.If you somehow don’t know what we’re talking about, read on—because we’ve compiled the ultimate movie-ending Hall of Shame. And for some top-notch film recs, consider brushing up on the 20 Iconic Films You Should Have Watched By Now. This 2012 documentary-style horror had all the elements necessary to be a fun, if not entirely original, scary movie: a murder, an insane asylum, a demonic possession, and the requisite exorcism.Better yet, despite all the chaos and death, Ray (Tom Cruise) and his daughter, Rachel (Dakota Fanning), discover that their family members are totally fine, despite the otherwise complete destruction of the city they’re in.And for more movie coverage, here are the 37 Movies Every Man Over 40 Should Be Able to Quote.The kicker for anyone who didn’t catch the movie in theaters is that the website is now down.And fore more fun culture coverage, check out why Everyone’s Going Shirtless Like Kylo Ren on Instagram.Luckily, a series of accidents reveal that the one thing that kills the aliens almost instantly is plentiful here: water!

You know a movie’s bad when its main character ghosts the audience.However, while audiences are led to believe that one of the priests participating in the exorcism becomes the demon’s next host, the screen cuts to black shortly after the possession and subsequent car crash.A title card then appears on screen directing people to go to a website to read more about the as-of-yet solved case.After hours of fighting aliens and trying desperately not to get killed, it turns out that the aliens attacking Earth are actually allergic to it all along.Just one second outside their nifty ships kills the aliens, who apparently aren’t immune to earthly bacteria.

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He also tells her that she should inform his comatose body, which still exists somehow, that it will be fine, too. ” Jackson Curtis (John Cusack) asks his daughter, who just made it out of the apocalypse. It turns out that Gale and his now-deceased pal were just trying to make everybody reconsider the use of the death penalty.