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Hit me up when you’re back and we’ll figure it out.If someone actually documented the levels of emotion I’ve experienced from getting ready for first Tinder dates, they would Baker Act me.( I’ll be the first to admit that when you first get on the thing, there’s a bit of a high to it -- especially when I would “match” with the hot guy who also went to an SEC school, enjoyed outdoor beers, and watching reruns of Probably not.

Same thing often applies to Tinder, except instead of square footage, it’s height. This is both incredible and terrifying; it’s the definitive Soda Popinski-equivalent level of this process, because you can actually catch a glimpse at Mike Tyson (i.e. Here’s why: not making the first Tinder date, let alone the second, about sex is like when a sophomore is dating a graduating senior -- there’s this weird precedent set.For anyone who was born in the ‘80s and played inarguably the greatest video game of all time, you know how hard it was to even reach Mike Tyson, let alone beat him. That same feeling that makes New Yorkers think we have yet to sample most the delicious ramen in the city or down a beer at the best rooftop bar is the same motivation behind always, clicking “Keep Playing” rather than “Send Message” once we’ve received a match. What will probably happen is you’ll talk a lot about meeting up -- because you both LOVE ping-pong, and you should totally do that! From there, the (dare I call it) “courting,” will likely go something like this: Tinderer 1: So how about next week?For those of you who this metaphor is lost on, it took bobbing and weaving through 10 other kick-ass fighters waiting to TKO (technical knockout! I'll tell you, to keep that queue steadily climbing, because maybe one day you’ll want to talk to him/her, who knows! I can pretty much guarantee none of you have ever hit “Send Message” the moment that exciting little window pops up. Tinderer 2: Slammed at work that week, can we do next Friday?I can only imagine after countless years of telling me I should pick a mate based on kindness, intelligence, and loyalty, how proud my mom would be to know I now "swipe left" when someone doesn't meet my height requirements...or has a tagline like "just trying to get it in." New York takes Tinder to an entire other God-awful level. What happens when you take New York’s already infinity options and add infinity more options, and then multiply that by ego and flakiness?

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