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I hope you have another drama to make oppa with much more romantic and beautiful ending than this one. The whole story is great but doesn't turns me to become seunggi fans so my other friend recommend me the king 2 heart. I declaring myself as his fans lol SEUNG GI JJANG~ pls continoue your acting on drama or movies. Love from indonesia though its late to became ur fans its better than never Will you be filming more epsiodes for Gu Family Book because I really love the tv show I was so into it that I wanted to be you for some reason I just love and the characters that are in it. And I think he also makes his fans so proud of him. May he always put his two feet on the ground even if he so famous. He has a lovely voice and is very graceful in the way he moves. I prewish you ; you long live n happy from your coming birthday 13 2014. I am very happy with all the films, played by Oppa LEE SEUNG GI, he's the best actor I've ever met, he was very smart in playing any role. :);):* Hi Lee Seung Ki or Lee Seung Gi its my first time to wacth your movie in Gu Family Book... Hoping to watch Gu Family Book 2 you and Suzy again.kang chi second chance of finding his true see that in 2014.. dont forget to eat,and have sweet snack in your pocket to carry around so you wouldn't be dizzy because of low of glucose as i've seen in one of your variety show. ;) dont be burden by the fans or people who disturbs you.. Last month I always waiting 2 eps of gu family book every week.. And i can't wait for ur this new* drama.although i don't really like the main actress..hahaahah.its ocay if the rating is good. wish he will have another project with Shin Min- A because they have a very good chemistry. in malaysia , my friends had so happy with the series .

He grew up in a family that consists of his parents and one younger sister. Playing the lead part of half human & half mystical creature who learns to control the rage, evil side of him when he meets the love of his life. I will start watching the other dramas you've been applauded for and listen to your music since I had never seen you perform before "GU"...

Soon after “A Korean Odyssey” ended I re-watched King 2 Hearts. I realized yet again what a great and talented actor you are, from your facial expressions, speech, and emotiveness… Big bonus of course ...cute handsomeness ;) Well this you can’t escape, so just take a bow:) I also salute your academic acumen, as 2 masters’ degrees are very hard work! The suits you donned in “AKO” was just so beautiful.

i've loved you since then because we are alike in attitudes-happy and jolly. take care and God bless., I can see why this guy is so popular... At first, due to the photo of him on this site, I did not think he was handsome. The more i get attracted to you when i search and watch all of you're clips on youtube such a talented man same with Jang geun suk. i love you're song will you marry me,just you,i want you and a lot more i may not understand it but still i feel you sing it with your heart with a nice beat. am always gone be your fan...enjoyed all your dramas and variety shows..especially this new drama of gu family book is really daebak and up .blessed and hope to see you in more varieties.. You have so many GOD-given talents and abilities: Singing, Acting, Master of Ceremonies, to mention a few.

Lee just has u going crazy or shall I say making u crazy cause u just wish u could just pull him out of the t.v. most of your songs are emotional although you are a funny person. you're so cool yet has a good charisma i love that series no dull moments.looking forward to watch king of hearts. i came to know you since in My GF is a gumiho..after that i followed you in Strong Heart and until Gu Family gonna miss you.already done watching Gu Family Book.youve done well...really like the story..drama for 2013.. Oppa, we will definitely support you in whatever you do and I believe in whatever choices you make!

I really love your acting which makes me so much attached in Hwayugi. The ending of the drama was much to way of my expectation. How can Sam Jang died and rose just to remove that bracelet?? i hope you;ll have a cncert here or maybe visit the philippines.. im watching your offscreen and onscreen actions., i can really relates on your songs. men you're so charming i firstly watched you way back in my college days My girlfriend is gumiho you're so funny their then the gu family book "lovestory of kang chi damn! Looking forward to seeing much much more from Lee Seung Gi and can hardly wait for next one... leee sarangeo i love leee but your so multi telend i love yor singger,i love you acting in film my grls frend is gomihoo you so cute you came in indonesia we love you lee.cahyoooo leee sarangeeeee wonga nomonomonomonomo coa heee tata tata heeeee my name is liling from indonesia (lombok)/(bali)came hare leeeeee :) Seung Gi oppa, please don't be down and I am sure everything will be fine despite recent issues relating to KHD.

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The i - Phone Apps Provides a large numbers of value added services to its customers. A great project, but please, I want an album first. Airens will always have your back hi I have been watching as much as possible your shows here in Canada , I think you are great and I am not a young girl but a 57 year old mother with 5 kids Gu Family Book was fantastic to watch ,, I love Korean made shows. Bcuz of Suzy, i watched Gu Family Book n i first found Seung Gi oppa has got a big nose n long lips. I look forward for more of your acting projects, knowing you'll end up having awards,soon. I watched this drama because of the most times I saw Seung-Gi ssi face in social media and Kdrama sites. 我心中只有你 希望你过得幸福 我也希望可以真正的看你唱歌 你长得很帅 Why did it take me so long to watch Gu family book??? hope you have another series to come, looking forward to that, saranghae!!! how you talk, although I do not understand but I love all your movies, I've seen all your movies, I hope there is your latest movie in the 2014's, success always :) Hi... One thing hobby the same way i like ,l used to listen love songs. He can only get better and more handsome than he already is. I love watching your dramas specially My girlfriend is a gumiho and Gu family Book. i admired you a lot when i watched brilliant legacy and my GF is a gumiho. So I looked you up and then watched shinning inheritance. Keep being great and I hope to see a new drama from you soon. You have many people who love you so much, especially me :**** Oppa, when your drama "gu gamily book" going to the end, really, I'll be sadly.