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Sandra oh and kevin mckidd dating

I'm really happy for her, too, because it's the right thing for her right now, too, to take that new step forward in her life and career. She has so many parts that she needs to play and work she needs to tackle, so it's obviously the right time for her. In that respect, I'm still very excited about playing the role.

In a way, I'm sad for Owen that he's got such a big bombshell coming for himself; the love of his life -- and I truly believe Cristina and Owen are the loves of each other's lives -- they're going to be broken apart.

just because Sandra Oh, his longtime onscreen love interest, is exiting at the end of the medical drama's upcoming 10th season.

The actor, who joined the Shonda Rhimes drama in season five, is interested in exploring more of Dr.

Despite the unfortunate split, Kevin is moving on in his life, and the big question that remains is that is he dating anyone recently past the split? With many celebrity marriages ending up in divorce, there are only those few couples who make it until the end, and everyone thought Kevin Mc Kidd and Jane Parker were one of them.

Mc Kidd: When I was talking with Shonda and [EP] Betsy Beers about the future for Owen a few months ago, I was anxious -- if Sandra decided she wants to leave and that's the right thing for her -- if the character of Owen was valuable as a character alone?

It wasn't a surprise; I was aware of where she's at but was wishing and hoping that despite all that she might stick around so I might get to still act with her.

It wasn't a surprise, but I was still sad when she told me. I'm still getting a lot out of playing Owen Hunt.

Selfishly, I was hoping and wishing she might make a different choice and decide to stay because I love working with her.

I've had the great fortune and luck to be her acting partner and for her to be my acting partner for the last half a decade.

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It's going to be a really great, fertile acting opportunity for me to get to play that, too.

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