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Three years later, Sakura slowly began to realize that Sasuke is no good for her, but she still remained in love with him to the point where she assaulted anyone who bad-mouthed about Sasuke.

As Sasuke fell deeper into darkness and became an international criminal, a distraught Sakura resolved to kill him in order to prevent him from starting a war among the nations.

Sasuke, realizing that the cycle of hatred would only stop if he could learn to let go of his hatred, decides against destroying the village and allies himself with Naruto and the others.

He announces his choice to become Hokage so he can change the ninja world and prevent future chaos.

However, Sasuke saw her as nothing more than a shinobi that was from the village he blamed for his clan's demise and tried twice to kill her, making her realize it was hopeless to save him. When Sasuke allied himself with Naruto and the others, Sakura, although happy he's back, didn't trust him; which was confirmed when Sasuke announced his intent to start a revolution by killing the current Kage and the tailed beasts in order to become the world's sole enemy.

Sakura again tried to convince him to return home by confessing her love before he knocked her out.

This traumatized him and he devoted himself to his ninja studies in the hopes of getting revenge against Itachi and restoring his clan.

While Naruto was a social pariah, Sasuke was accepted by everyone.

Sakura has always had a crush on Sasuke since they were very young, although Sasuke often dismissed her.

After being assigned to the same team as him, Sakura neglected her ninja training and spent more time trying to woo Sasuke.

During their time together in Team 7, Sasuke was shown to have developed a soft side for Sakura, to the point where he told Naruto to do eveything in his power to save her from Gaara and expressed jealousy when Sakura smiled at Naruto from saving her at one point.

However their powers are too even to determine an outcome and both ultimately lose arms in their battle.

Seeing how committed he was even after all that had happened, Sasuke came to the conclusion that they were too similar to be fighting and made his peace with Naruto.

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