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Operates from boat battery or other 12 volt source, and puts out 600V pulses at 1-2 joules.

Shows several methods of drag chains and selective stunning probes.

Unit operates from a safe 12 converter or can be used with a rechargeable battery of 20 to 30 amp hours capacity.

Simple to use unit contains front panel controls of on /off switch and pulse rate control knob.

In a typical Florida production setting, harvested ornamental fish are brought in from ponds and placed into a holding facility, where they are often held for several days prior to shipping (see UF/IFAS Fact Sheet FA-117).

During this time, the fish are allowed to clear out their digestive tracts, which reduces the amount of waste released into transport bags and helps maintain acceptable water quality during shipping.

Quality of marketable fish is directly related to their health, which is affected by the amount of stress and trauma they experience during harvest, holding, and transport (see UF/IFAS Fact Sheets FA-117, FA-118, FA-119, and FA-3).

Handling of ornamental fish from the time they are harvested through shipment affects their overall quality.

Device is intended to stun bottom feeders allowing them to float the surface for tagging identifying and relocating.

Scale fish can also be stunned but it is more effective on bottom fish.

We can supply all hard to find parts not readily available.

All new highly effective electrical device drives worms out of the ground for easy picking and gathering.

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All new highly effective fish stunner generates powerful 2000 volt two joule pulses at an adjustable rep rate of 10 to 40 pulses per second.