Sex advice dating a well hung

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Sex advice dating a well hung

Although when pressed further, many men admit that they themselves created and perpetuated the idea in the woman’s head so that she would go out and cheat. It’s complicated, which is partly why it’s been designated as a fetish.

Another aspect of this fetish is sexual domination and punishment by the wife.

A well endowed penis can seem sexy and exciting, but those who have actually slept with a big penis may say differently.

It seems both men and women praise the thought of either having or being with someone who is well endowed.

Some experts could say that part of this is deeply hurt feelings turned into a sexual fetish.

As this theory goes, the man thinks that because of his small penis or failure to please his partner, she cheated on him.

There is a small population of men and couples that engage in “cuckold” relationships.

Often times because they are insecure with their penis size or sexual performance, they begin to fantasize about a cuckold relationship.

Some men even reported that after they had been in a prior relationship with a woman who cheated on them, instead of getting upset, they found that the idea turned them on.

Many times the concept of cuckold gets confused with swinging or polyamory, but cuckold is different.

For most men that want their wives to join them in a cuckold relationship, it takes the pressure off to perform sexually.

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She may spank him, paddle him, or flog him and shame him for lack of fulfillment of her sexual desire.

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