Sex chat or video chat russellville

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Sex chat or video chat russellville

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Parents must sign a pledge to accept "the use of corporal correction should the Administration ... Crowley's Ridge Academy, Paragould At this K through 12 Protestant school, "When a student is admitted, he/she automatically agrees to submit to the privileges, regulations and penalties (including corporal punishment) of the school".

Paddling may be administered for a third or fourth offense of chewing gum, inappropriate language or horseplay; a fifth or seventh tardy per semester; a second offense of classroom disruption or cheating; and a first offense of fighting, profanity, drugs, sex, stealing, etc. Fayetteville Christian School "Only the approved instruments may be used to administer corporal punishment.

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Academics Plus Charter Schools, Maumelle At this group of three schools, including Maumelle Charter High School, CP is listed as an option for a wide range of offenses. There is a form on page 63 where parents may decline to approve it.

Ambassador Baptist Academy, Malvern "Corporal discipline" (maximum three strokes with a simple flat paddle) may be delivered by an administrator or faculty member, or they may ask the parent to come in and do it. Separately, students in grades 7 through 12 must sign that they have read the discipline provisions and agree to abide by the rules and regulations.

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