Sex dating in brookeville maryland

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Sex dating in brookeville maryland

My work with each client is unique, however central to my work is respect for your issues, concerns, and the challenges you face in your life.I see therapy as a partnership where we work together to create the changes that you are seeking in your life.I work collaboratively with families to improve communication between parent and child, deal with underlying emotions, and to address problems together.I help couples find their way back to the initial strong bond that brought them together. I assist parents in finding successful strategies to deal with emotional outbursts, school difficulties, and sibling conflicts.In my work with individuals, couples, and families, I take a collaborative approach with my clients to help best meet their own unique needs.Clients have described me as warm, engaging, and compassionate - with an ability to quickly put them at ease.In my practice, I use a supportive, non-judgmental, cognitive behavioral approach.

I specialize in working with adoption and multicultural families.""Close and warm relationships are key to a successful family life, individual health, and to a happy life as a couple.

I offer a caring, safe, and healing environment that allows clients the opportunity to explore, experience, work through problems, and create solutions that expand their potential for growth and wellness.

As a proponent of integrative and holistic therapy that honors the mind-body connection and its impact on well-being, health, and happiness, I attend to the whole person, not just a set of symptoms or problems.

It will ultimately increase your child's self-confidence.

I have had great success working with kids of all ages on their various fears using CBT.""Deciding to see a therapist can be a difficult decision, whether it is for yourself, or your child.

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