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He assured me that the fact that they still show sensitive sites as empty fields is because of the time lag between Ordnance Survey becoming aware of the new policy and their publication of new editions of the maps, rather than any sinister Government involvement.

Indeed, the high resolution aerial photography of Britain's "Secret Bases", offered for sale on the Internet by Getmapping plc, was cleared by Mr. Even so, various defence analysts raised concerns, as detailed in a BBC News article.

These sites should already not only be aware of what is public, but also have taken security measures accordingly.""Your 'Secret Base' site is an excellent example of what can be achieved by painstaking, forensic research of what is available from open sources and the Internet.

Whatever might be deemed to be 'sensitive' has usually been known to the 'opposition' for years and it is only the general public who are denied their 'right to know' by officious, blinkered, low-level bureaucrats.""Your website contains a vast amount of first class, eye-opening information, based on original research.

Alerted to the issues highlighted on this website, Mr.

Like the map of Stockport Grammar School in my home town. Ordnance Survey's map makers up to their old tricks?So they can't very well make, say, Faslane nuclear submarine base (pictured below) suddenly disappear as you come around the corner.Having said that, in October 2007, the Sun newspaper revealed in an exclusive story that boffins at the Government's research wing Qineti Q had got together with Professor John Pendry's theoretical physics team at Imperial College, London to develop Harry Potter style "invisibility cloaks" for military equipment such as tanks.All inclusions on OS maps were once vetted by the UK Government's D-Notice Committee. When the Government wanted to "gag" newspaper editors to stop them revealing embarrassing details about Mo D-related stories, it was called "slapping a D-Notice" on them.Any locations on the "Sensitive Sites Register" were mysteriously removed from public maps by men in cigar smoke filled rooms in Whitehall and just ended up appearing as farmers' fields.

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