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But the Latino portion has surged from 4.9 percent in 2000 to about 46 percent today.

A veteran police official estimated 10 percent are undocumented. Reasonably priced housing and new warehouse and food-processing jobs have been strong magnets for immigrants, mostly Dominicans from New York and New Jersey, often with big families in tow.

'Why can't I get Mom and Dad in here to talk about Jose?

' It was because the [immigrant] parents felt the teacher is the one to make all decisions," Antonelli said.

" Yet, she stayed - and wound up part of a transformative decade.

This is no longer the Hazleton of anti-immigration infamy, the first community in the United States to try to build a wall of local law against undocumented arrivals, only to be smacked down as unconstitutional by federal courts.

More have disappeared in the "white flight" to nearby towns in what is called the Valley. A lot of my friends moved to the Valley." The immigrant inrush has put intense pressures on the school district, the housing and job markets, and the police force.

It was also required to post signs in its offices, in English and Spanish: "Do you need an interpreter?

If so, Hazleton Housing Authority will provide one at no charge." Some "old-guard Caucasian families" say Latinos brought unprecedented violent crime to Hazleton, but they are wrong, said Frank De Andrea, police chief for four years before leaving the force last year.

He could name 10 Hazletonians, he said, who quit warehouse jobs after less than three days.

"It sounds easy, but there is a strong efficiency focus, with clocks running, timing your work.

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The dying Wyoming Street commercial corridor has revived.