Sex dating in northmoor missouri

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Sex dating in northmoor missouri

Only on Landmark Live at County is the second healthiest county in the state, you guys, which is outstanding. I guess this is proof when you’re at the top the only direction you can head from that point is downward.

****** If you’ve been following our reporter Valerie Verkamp’s coverage of Park Hill’s building plan in the Line Creek area and its effect on the forest there, good for you. Park Hill’s school board last week pushed ahead with its master plan, ignoring concerns raised by organizers of a group to “Save the Last KC Forest.” You can learn more by following the group on Facebook.

****** Mike Thompson, Fox 4 meteorologist, will be the guest speaker for Platte City’s Memorial Day ceremony on Monday, so if he doesn’t get good weather it’s his own fault. We shook hands and then for a sentence or two our exchange got slightly locker room-ish, so I’ll spare you the details.

Many of you have contacted me with general concerns about your postal service. ****** So I stepped out of my car at the groundbreaking for the new Park Hill elementary school on Tuesday and immediately was provided proof that my column last week about school board members having no tummy had struck a nerve. An in-tune Landmark reader emailed this observation: “I have always felt that some board members communicate clandestinely with each other before meetings so they don’t have to think in public or take a lone wolf stand. ****** Talk to any business that does a large amount of mailing in Platte County and you’ll hear horror stories about delivery service in certain zip codes.

What’s sad about it is the Supreme Court gave no details on why it ruled the way it did.

****** You’ll read in this issue that Platte County Prosecutor Eric Zahnd lost his appeal to the Missouri Supreme Court, who on Tuesday ruled that Zahnd deserves a public reprimand for his actions in regard to publicizing names and professional connections of prominent citizens who wrote letters to a judge urging leniency for a confessed child sex offender.****** Having said that, I will give Monsees credit for at least making open comments and initiating some dialogue during the board meeting. And no, by ‘show some tummy’ I’m not asking them to raise their shirts. It’s really not that difficult, or at least it shouldn’t be.Let’s be honest, school board members typically aren’t the bravest bunch of elected officials you’ll ever meet. When did it become a requirement to be spayed or neutered before running for school board? By show some tummy I mean show some willingness to openly speak your mind, think for yourself, openly question proposals by your administrators, go against the grain. Platte County R-3 had one about a decade ago in Trish Stinnett.It’s worthy of getting highlighted in this column: “We’re concerned.And here’s why: the school board members talked about land conservation for just 26 seconds during their 18-minute discussion (before the vote to approve development in the forest). He asked this because our petition requested the school consider a conservation plan for the part of the school’s forest NOT needed for their master plan.

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(Since the forest is some of the last remaining original woodland forest in KC / Platte County).

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