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To find your City Council representatives, please click here.

If the ballot items are approved by Springdale voters in February, we will sell the bonds in May, and retire the 2006 bonds in July.

For more information, please visit our voter information page.

The new Springdale Alert system allows residents greater freedom to pick and choose what kind of notifications they want to receive, how they would like to receive them, as well as specify particular times during the day when they would prefer to block any incoming notifications.

The City hires bond analysts who determine the value of the bonds that we can sell within a safe margin.

If approved by Springdale voters, we will issue bonds valued up to a certain amount, as approved by voters, and those bonds will be purchased by investors.

You can even customize your alert settings at any time to help adjust the number of alerts you receive; including "quiet times" when you won't receive messages. When you sign up, you will be asked to choose what kind of alerts you want, including:- Major emergency alerts, like terrorism or natural disasters- Springdale weather alerts and warnings- Community information alerts such as road closings and major events- AMBER alerts In an emergency situation, an alert will be sent by the Springdale Alert system to inform residents of the situation and may give instructions on how to react.

The investors who purchase the bonds earn tax-free interest on their investment.The majority of the money has to be obligated within three years; however, not all of the projects must be complete.We do not have a final list of infrastructure projects.Follow us on social media or sign up through Notify Me® on our website to be notified of public meetings.If you have any suggestions for infrastructure projects, please contact the Engineering Department at 750-8105 or you may contact your City Council representative or the Mayor's Office.

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For a list of public meetings for 2018, please see our City calendar.