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Sexy trap chat

A year passed and our sex life returned to the same boring state.

The first few months after she cheated Viki was extra nice to me in bed as I suspected she felt terribly guilty.

But at other times I would be overcome with jealousy and anger at my wife for cheating on me and lying about it.

She had no idea that I not only knew about her cheating, but had helped set it up and watched the whole thing.

We also hoped to save enough to buy our own house in a few years and move out from the small apartment we lived in at the time.

The day I came home with the good news, Viki exploded with happiness.

I would come home from work and sometimes be horny after fantasizing about how she had been fucked by the guy in the club.

She loved the life as we got to stay in nice hotels and go for nice dinners on my travel allowance. Viki’s biggest fear was that I would lose my job as she just couldn’t go back to the old life.

Rumors were that the wives of several of his younger employees had been seduced by him.

I didn’t pay much attention to these as it seemed so far removed from our lives.

This didn’t last for long and a few months later sex returned to once a month, usually if we came home from a party and she was drunk.

On these rare occasions she would submit to my advances and usually lie naked and let me use her body for a little while.

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I satisfied myself by using my wife’s beautiful body when I could.

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