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Many prospective students consider applying for scholarships to study at schools in China. The most common scholarship is given by the Ministry of Education’s China Scholarship Council and the Chinese government.

Foreign students pay more in tuition than local students, but the fees are generally much less than students would pay in the United States or Europe. The Chinese government also awards the HSK Winner Scholarships for the top HSK test-scorers overseas.

Some, like nurseries and kindergartens, require a birth certificate.

Others require recommendation letters, assessments, on-campus interviews, entrance exams and language requirements.

Chinese children all get a primary and middle school public education. After middle school, parents must pay for public high school.

An application, copies of visa and passport, school records, physical exam, photo, and proof of language proficiency are all most students need to gain acceptance to undergraduate and graduate programs at schools in China.

Chinese language proficiency is typically demonstrated by taking the Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK exam).

Schools in China have after-school activities, like sports and music lessons, but these activities are not as extensive as those found in international schools and schools in the West.

For example, while team sports are becoming more popular, competition among schools is more like an intramural team sports system rather than a competitive system.

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Going to local school in China has become a popular choice for expat families who live in China but can’t afford the high price of international schools.