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Shinhwa dating history

I’m thrilled for Eric and Na Hye Mi, both look stunningly attractive at their wedding ceremony but nothing beats the look of happiness on their faces. The pictures are all so charming and fun, it just brings a giant smile to my face. The big announcement came just two months after the couple went public about their relationship.Eric Mun personally confirmed the news through Shinhwa's official Facebook page today, April 17.Jun Jin then shared, “In the past, my girlfriend asked me to sing for her before she fell asleep, so I did, but there was no reaction. Because of that, we got into a huge fight,” causing the MCs and his fellow members to burst into laughter.Kim Dong Wan said of his dating style, “I’m the type to be friends with the person before dating her.

After making rounds of online, the Shinhwa leader finally confirmed his relationship with the actress just this February.She could just not say anything, so her asking [isn’t a bad thing].”“Whatever she does, as long she asks for my permission, I think I’d be okay,” Eric added.The member then said to the surprise of the MCs, “Even if she goes on the four on four meeting, I think I would just think ‘She has her reasons.’” Kim Dong Wan added, “I think Eric is more American in that sense.”Member Shin Hye Sung “Contrary to what most people seem to think—that I’d be really romantic—I’m actually pretty standoffish,” before Andy added, “He’s very manly.”And although the balladeer looks like he’d being singing sweet nothings into his girlfriend’s ear all the time, Shin Hye Sung admitted he’s only done it a handful of times.Changed company title to Shinhwa Engineering Conducting the business on manufacturing, design, execution, and servicing of water purification facility Samsung C&T Co., Ltd. ‘s leader Eric (Moon Jung Hyuk) to the land of married bliss.

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