Shiprush not updating amazon

Posted by / 19-Feb-2020 11:59

To test if your router can block HTTPS requests, set it up to block the above domains and then try downloading this file.

If the download fails, then your router can block HTTPS requests.

As others said they need to put this info on the "unable to update"...

Honestly they should put a banner on the top the link they list in that screen.

It's a terrible first impression issue to have, but glad it's finally working.

I changed my router to use Channel 1, and BOOM, it started working just fine in my living room now.

Might want to check what channel your router is set to and play around with that solved my issue.

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I have two entirely different internet connections, one Xfinity/Comcast (barf) and another hotspot with T-Mobile that consistently gives me 30-100mpbs but the fire stick just won't stream smoothly on any service for more than an hour Well, I THINK I figured out my issue.