Singer avant dating is he dating another girl

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Singer avant dating

Currently, he is focusing on his career though he has made it clear that if he finds the right girl, he is ready for a relationship.

After breaking up with his past girlfriend, he got depressed and opened an account on Tinder app so that girls can ask him out.

The colorful songstress' show was every bit as cinematic and absorbing as her famous music videos, but, despite her attempt to keep the audience's focus squarely on her music, our one-track minds kept reverting to one subject and one subject only: who is Halsey dating, anyway?

Unusually for a beautiful 20something lady who both fans and the press are obsessed by and who is relatively active on social media, there's not a whole lot of information available, and Halsey certainly doesn't broach her personal life in interviews.

After passing High School in 2006, he deferred his enrollment in the University due to an acting project he received early that year.Needless to say, quite a lot of girls have come in his life and made love to him.Subsequently, his movies The Lucky One, The Awkward Moment, Neighbors, Dirty Grandpa were highly successful.Zac met Vanessa on the set of High School Musical and started a romantic relationship. Their on-screen chemistry received praises, and soon they become the most talked about couple among other Disney couples.Precisely, they started dating towards the end of 2005 and started giving everyone new relationship goals.

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So, without further ado, here are my guesses for who Halsey's currently dating.