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One in four children in America grow up without learning how to read.

A coronary bypass in the US costs 50 percent more than it would in Canada, Australia, and France, and 100% more than in Germany.

America exports more weapons to other countries than anyone else in the world.

America leads the world in money given to fake charities.

66 percent of all Americans are considered to be overweight. Americans watch 4 hours and 42 minutes of television PER DAY on average In 2011, the US trade deficit with China was more than 49,000 times larger than it was in 1985.

The United States puts a higher percentage of its population in prison than any other nation on earth does. The United States has a teen pregnancy rate of 22 percent – the highest in the world. There are more unemployed workers in the United States than there are people living in the entire nation of Greece.

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70 percent of all Americans are on at least one prescription drug.