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Recipients are asked to post the message as their status for an hour as a means of honouring “all of the children who struggle every day”.Most people who share the messages are likely to do so in good faith, and with a desire to help.There are official Autism and ADHD Awareness Months, but they do not normally take place at the same time.

It does not include any specific dates for the events it describes.

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Bart Baldwin – Lobbyist/Consultant 1915C Medicaid Waivers Redesign (Michelle P, SCL, etc.) Using a Managed Care Organization (MCO) to access therapies Commercial Insurance – accessing services and HB 218 Bart has over two decades of experience in public policy, lobbying and executive level management in the health care and human services fields. He has a long history of advocating on behalf of children with Autism and their families dating back to 2009. Lori Gresham RN, Clinical Program Manager Senior for the Department of Medicaid Services Lori Gresham is the Clinical Program Manager Sr. She has experience in emergency medicine, pediatric care, and medical-surgical care.

Those who want to help would be much better to get involved in real and meaningful awareness campaigns rather than post a silly status message on their networks for an hour.

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It’s special education week, Autism and ADHD awareness month., And this is in honor of all the children that struggle every day. According to various messages that have circulated via social media for several years, this week is “Special Education Week”.