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Sookie and bill dating

Though they broke up long ago, the co-stars appear to be great friends in real life.Most fans of this Showtime series weren’t exactly on board when, in Season 6, it’s revealed that Debra Morgan has feelings for her (adopted) brother, Dexter.While franchise) may have only lasted for four years, but the will-they, won’t-they couples made for prime entertainment.Among them were Seth and Summer, portrayed by real-life couple Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson.Some of these celebs found their true love while starring on a hit TV show, while others merely had a fleeting connection.

James, Reese, Deputy Trudy Wiegel, and the blond girl from Imagine you are watching your favorite movie.

Among them were Lucas, Brooke, and Peyton, who formed a long triangle that took quite a few seasons to resolve.

While Lucas ended up with Peyton, his portrayer Chad Michael Murray was Team Brooke (Sophia Bush) — at least, temporarily.

The pair split, but have remained friendly, with Dobrev even spending time with Somerhalder and his now-wife, Nikki Reed, in order to show just how amicable things are between the exes.

, initially followed a group of high schoolers in North Carolina.

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Their characters, Kelso and Jackie, dated on and off throughout the early years of the series, but at the time, Kutcher and Kunis were merely pals — which is good, considering she was underage at that time.