Speed dating university at buffalo

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Speed dating university at buffalo

He’s not doing that today, though, which means he’s OK.”Des Tiny was first nudged toward studying neuroscience two years ago by a family emergency.

Her 4-year-old nephew, a bubbly little boy who adores her and whose baby pictures are nearly identical to her own, had emergency surgery to remove a cancerous growth.

Lamar's "DAMN." is the first nonclassical or jazz work to win the award, which comes with a ,000 cash prize.

Rapper Kendrick Lamar wrapped up a Pulitzer Prize win — and made history in the process.

(Kim Hairston / Baltimore Sun)Kayleigh Mc Cagg, winner of the Rensselaer district competition in New York, vividly remembers the day 11 years ago when her twin brother suffered a grand mal seizure.

The two 7-year-olds were in the back seat of the car when the boy’s eyes rolled back in his head, and he didn’t appear to hear her increasingly frantic questions about what was wrong.“It was really scary,” she said.

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Rachael Hageman Blair, assistant professor of biostatistics in the School of Public Health and Health Professions, is one of five principal investigators on the one-year, 0,000 planning grant, funded by NSF in a joint effort with the National Institutes of Health.

The competition, which included a laboratory in which contestants studied real human brains, was founded by Norbert Myslinski, a neuroscience professor at the university.“I wanted to inspire young men and women to go into the neuroscience profession,” Myslinski said, “so they can help research, treat and find cures for brain diseases.”A Saturday morning segment of the competition that tested the contestants’ ability to identify different parts of the brain resembled speed dating for brain cells.It had been a difficult birth, during which oxygen had been cut off to Des Tiny’s developing brain not just once, but twice.“The doctors told me that I’d be fortunate if Des Tiny would ever be able to walk on her own or feed herself,” her mother, Lanita Rhodes of Buffalo, N. “Thank God, she turned out just the opposite.”It means more to Rhodes than she can express that Des Tiny, now 17, is a budding neuroscientist, the kind of kid who on Saturday could look at a series of MRI scans and confidently answer why this particular part of the diencephalon is important for memory, and also name the part of the cortex folded deep within the lateral sulcus.Des Tiny was one of 54 teens from around the nation who gathered at the University of Maryland, Baltimore this week to compete in the four-day USA Brain Bee Championship.Each contestant stood hunched over a different slide, and from the picture alone, attempted to decide whether he or she was looking at, say, the Crista Ampullaris or perhaps the Node of Ranvier.After a scant sixty seconds, the moderator would say “rotate,” and the kids would move over one space to the right and tackle the next slide.

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