Starting young to prevent dating abuse

Posted by / 25-Oct-2019 15:59

Since she was battered, they sometimes argue, she should have left the relationship, taking herself and her child to safety.Advocates have tried but failed to compile national figures on how many women get prosecuted and sentenced under these laws.

In one more, a father fractured an infant girl’s toe, femur, and seven ribs and was sentenced to two years; for failing to intervene, the mother got 30.

"I know in my heart that there's more out there," said Laurel Mohan, executive director at the Battered Women’s Legal Advocacy Project in Minnesota.(Buzz Feed News’ methodology and full list of cases can be found here.)Where there is evidence of the women being battered, the case files describe them being punched, throttled, kicked, whipped, or raped — often in combination — at or around the time their assailants were doing the same to their children.

“My husband took full possession of me and my life,” a mother in Tennessee told the court right before her 15-year sentence was handed down.

As is common in families terrorized by a violent man, there were two victims in the Lindley-Turner home: mother and child.

Both Lindley and Titches had suffered beatings for months.

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With Titches on his back and crying, Turner pressed his foot to the boy’s chest.