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"Optional" means that you can still go with the existing API you are used to.Besides smaller bundles, this innovation also allows a more direct and easier way for declaring services.Now Microsoft steps in and they use a very similar char in the “DE-CH” region setting: The result of this configuration hell: If you don’t change the region settings in Windows you can’t parse doubles with this fancy group separator.Stranger things: My work machine is running the EN-US version of Windows and my tests where failing because of this madness, but it was even stranger: Some other tests (quite similar to what I did) were OK on our company DE-CH machines.This makes it very easy to exchange states between function blocks. If there is a new sensor component whose output variable is incompatible with the previous data type, this necessarily results in an adjustment of the data type of the actuators.The following example shows how, with the help of the observer pattern, the fixed assignment between the communication participants can be dispensed with. a temperature) from a data source, while the actuator performs actions depending on a measured value (e.g. The communication between the participants should be changeable.

I've included such an implementation in my examples; you can look it up here.

The source code I'm using here can be found in my Git Hub repository.

Please note that each branch represents one of the below mentioned scenarios.

If these disadvantages are to be eliminated, two basic OO design patterns are helpful: Microsofts Entwicklerkonferenz "Build 2018" beginnt am Montag, den 7. NET Core, Visual Studio, Azure und Windows verkünden.

Mai 2018, um 17 Uhr deutscher Zeit mit der ersten Keynote. Treeshakable providers come with a new optional API that helps tools like webpack or rollup to get rid of unused services during the build process.

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This means that we can inject the service immediately after writing it.

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