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Take these two scenarios: in the first, you give your number to someone in a dark bar after a short conversation, then message for a while, and meet up for a date.

In the second, you see a few badly lit Tinder photos, message for a while, and meet up for a date.

You aren’t stuck with a limited palette of emoticons, acronyms and just a few, probably misspelled words. Both texts and emails are devoid of irony, tone, humor or any of the key essential ingredients of communication.

At least with email you can more fully express yourself. The piece, by investigative journalist Nancy Jo Sales (best-known for her writing on the Bling Ring) opens on a savage vista: a Manhattan bar, where “everyone is drinking, peering into their screens and swiping on the faces of strangers they may have sex with later that evening”.A financial worker tells Sales he hopes to “rack up 100 girls” in bed per year, and has slept with five in the past eight days.This is convincing, especially as dating profiles are notoriously unrepresentative of the person behind them.However, it’s also true that in any fast-paced dating scene – among young professionals in any major city, say – the same effect is surely at play, as the next date could be waiting at the next party or bar.

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If not, you've probably missed the boat, and your digital beau might have moved on to the next right-swipe that ticks their boxes.

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