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The sims 3 egypt online dating

Once you're down the stairs, look for a pedestal almost behind the stairs with a keystone on it.Grab the treasure from the room and then use the keystone you just got to open the door.""I thank you for the kind words, but I think I must make my own way in romance and not rely on the guidance of Dalida Barakat.Anyway Dalida Barakat found a keystone embedded in the relic you found.The first room on the right has a chest, the second room on the left has a hole in the wall, and both rooms on the end have false walls. Deliver the Relic "Hmm, this isn't decisive proof yet but I will keep this relic and see what other secrets it holds. Perhaps you can use some of the foreign charm and tell at least 5 locals about Ameen Moussa and how they are so very awesome.Check the chest and hole and then go into the last bedroom on the right. Go through it and down the stairs behind it and then the next set of stairs too. And tell Ameen Moussa what you've done, as the reward will no doubt be grand!

Stand on it and then go through the room that it unlocks. You'll come to a gear tile and have a statue on your right.Ask him to explain and I'm sure he'll talk your ear off with his nonsense.""Yes I do need some help about proving that one of my ancestors was a consort to Queen Hatshepsut.I'm running down a lead and will need your help soon. To make the jewelry, I will need 4 pieces of Alabaster.At the bottom of the stairs, go through the door with the red tiles. Head back to the stairs hallway and go through the green tiled door.Go around to the right and go through the door at the end of the hall. Step on the standing tile behind this door and then head back to the previous room. At the end of the next hall there may be treasure behind the door to the right (red). Go through the door at the end of the next hall (blue). Behind the door on the right is a chest and the door in front will lead to another room with doors. Right in front of you is a blue door and there a red door around the corner.

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Pull the statue onto the tile and then follow the hall all the way around the back, past the giant window with the glowing relic beyond it and to a door.