Too much age difference dating christian dating a nonchristian

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I've only gone on one date, and posted to see if date 2 is worth going for.Was never looking at her as a partner or anything serious.Well, we were up all night talking and finally one of us made a move. Right now, I don't think she can be, and you, entering into that relationship, will end up benefiting from that. While it seems that a lot of the problems you had stemmed from the guy being an asshole/controlling, you've brought up some great points.

But I think that, for right now, it's best that we don't take things any further; our age difference just makes things too weird. I am your age, and I know that if I dated an 18 year old, I would be crucified and vilified by most friends and family.College is an amazing experience, and I wouldn't want her to go into it with any attachments to me.But, combined with her lack of experience, theres a good chance she wouldn't understand this.I didn't think she was "the one" because of music taste and interests, it just made me want to go for date 2.Obviously, that's a superficial reason to start anything serious.

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The last thing I'd ever do is take advantage of her, but part of me wonders if the age difference makes the dynamic generally "unfair". It can be a conversation starter, a pick-up move... EDIT: Oh, and my current boyfriend uses my i Pod because he put his through the washing machine.