Top worst dating profiles sex dating in loughborough leicestershire

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Top worst dating profiles

Just as you have a multitude of options when it comes to who you date, you have a wide range of choices for where to troll for that next Mr. or clandestine weekend affair, as the case may be with one of these services.Here we highlight some of the most noteworthy dating services on the Web.Whenever I see this statement I cringe and want to write the guy “Dude, get that crap off your profile! Instead of saying you’re funny how about showing it on your profile.

A high percentage of guys use the statement “My friends say” and it’s a turnoff to women. Instead, show some confidence and show what you are instead of saying it. You may not say this exactly, but if you write how you like to go out but stay in to watch movies you need to remove it from your dating profile immediately.

Music is good, but the right company makes it great.” You want to show you have a life and are social.

Women love music so tap into that with this type of statement.

A cliche will cause a woman to roll her eyes and turn her off immediately.

It’s funny that some men still write how they like “long walks on the beach” but what’s not funny are the other online dating cliches men use far too often. Think about it, if you are at a job interview and the interviewer says to you, “So, tell me about yourself” have you ever said, “Well, my friends say…” Of course not. On a date, if that gorgeous woman across the table says “Tell me about yourself” would you respond, “My friends say…” Hell no you wouldn’t.

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I’ve said it once, and I will say it till I die, never use the word “IF” on your dating profile.

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