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" "No, we're taking [Minnesota running back] Adrian Peterson," Lund says.We're sitting under the glass chandeliers of a private room at Francesco's, an Italian restaurant located near the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum, the longtime home of the NFL's Raiders and baseball's Oakland Athletics.Each year, the league's last-place owner would receive the booby prize trophy at a postseason dinner -- and be fined if they didn't subsequently display it prominently in their home."I can remember that dunce award being around our house at least once," says Gerald Winkenbach.About 16,000 years ago, the spruce forest became denser, and closed forest developed.The presence of spruce suggests cool summers, whereas the deciduous trees imply relatively warm winters.

They love football, but outside of a few obligatory "We should all be billionaires!

By 1974, there was an all-female division, The Queens, and more than 200 total players hooked on this strange, new game.

Meanwhile, Green Bay's John Brockington ran for 1,105 yards but scored only four touchdowns.

One year, he bought a mini-coffin for a pair of brothers who had drafted St.

Still, he can't help but marvel at what his grandfather's invention has become.

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This was before the Internet, so he had to phone the [San Francisco] sports rooms to try to get statistics.

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