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Well low and behold I have seen that amount for one month only!!!Now we are playing games and he is owing money.does the other parent not realize that this money is for the child(ren).You can use the automated service 1-800-267-7263 just make sure that you have your case number...It is required for him to provide per the court order, as he would have signed the agreement for the amount that he would be paying for your child.

Wednesday’s Video Clip In this video, Shelley, a Law Clerk with Russell Alexander Family Lawyers, discusses how and when the age of the child could affect child support.I was wondering what other single Ontario parents have been having trouble with the FRO.I am supposed to be receiving support as of a court order issued last February.AND if in fact this is true he paid to the wrong account, for every month from now on, because of course you have provided him with the CORRECT number, you will be receiving payments begining next month like clockwork, right?You should be taking action now because the money is for your son, not you, and as primary caregiver you have a right and responsibity to ensure he received it.

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I would ask to see copies of the cancelled checks and not take him at his word.