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A week ago we weren’t sure if Texas A&M was going to stay in the field, but gutty road wins at Vandy and Georgia plus events you can see, we’ve made some changes from last week, in some cases risking how the eventual “quadrant wins” formula looks after the Selection Sunday rinse cycle.At this time, however, we have to wonder just how much damage these teams from the SEC and Big 12 are doing to one another, with their hope that the “quadrant one wins” keep enough of them afloat into Selection Sunday.Putting together his powerhouse teams from the early ‘60s, Ireland mined other regions, particularly the South, where he lured future stars Vic Rouse and Les Hunter, both from Nashville’s Pearl High, and indeed almost had Willis Reed a few years later before Reed decided to stay near home could be expected, Dean Colvard's decision was politically charged, as the pro-segregation forces rapidly mobilized against the MSU president.And it quickly became the top news item in Mississippi, temporarily knocking national stories such as New York Senator Kenneth Keating challenging the Kennedy White House to make sure that no Soviet armaments were still making their way to Cuba, nearly five months after the missile crisis reached a head, off of the front page headlines.Forty-nine years later, Jets 16-Colts 7 seems as hard to believe today as it was way back on January 12, 1969.And we’re not the only ones who still wonder what happened that afternoon at the Orange Bowl.

The likes of Baylor, Oklahoma State, Texas, Notre Dame, Louisville, and Marquette (21-9, 47) vs. We suppose that VPI removed any drama about making the field when it dumped Duke on Big Monday at Blacksburg.

no one blazed that sort of breaking-the–color barrier trail in the late ‘50s and ‘60s any better than George Ireland and his Loyola Ramblers.

Ireland was also not averse to recruiting outside (far outside) of the Chicago city limits.

The biggest concern of the offseason was the chance that QB Drew Brees might leave the fold, but there was little chance of that happening, especially with the 39-year-old ex-Purdue man still going strong and with a sense of unfinished business after that bitter playoff loss at Minnesota.

Brees also knows his best chance to get back to the Super Bowl is with New Orleans, and GM Mickey Loomis was able to carve out enough salary space to bring back hisas they get first pick for the second straight April.

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Along with earlier wins over North Carolina and on the road at Virginia, there looks to be no way the Hokies can now play themselves out of berth.