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Angry mourners carry the body of “Ti Charles” from Port-au-Prince Cathedral to the Presidential Palace after U. – Photo: Haiti LibertéThe mood was militant, even joyous, as thousands poured out of the Port-au-Prince Cathedral following the funeral of Father Gérard Jean-Juste on June 18. An angry gesticulating crowd gathered helplessly around him, watching his final tortured minutes of life.

The boy on the right is wearing one of thousands of memorial T-shirts with the famous picture of Father Gerry looking out from behind bars that were distributed by activists from Veye Yo, the organization he founded in Miami. Outside the south door of the Cathedral, a young man in a gray T-shirt lay on his back, his chest heaving and blood spurting from his mouth.

“Gerry, you are gone, the struggle continues,” many read.

After becoming split up in the confusion of passing through Carrefour, the entourage regrouped in Mariani, and then proceeded to Miragoâne.

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The coffin had been loaded into a hearse and begun its journey to Cavaillon, the priest’s birthplace about 135 miles southwest of the capital. A few threw empty plastic “Juna” juice bottles, which are about the size of a tennis ball. troops pulled the trigger, Préval is responsible for this murder today,” said Lavarice Gaudin, the leader of Veye Yo, the Miami-based popular organization which Jean-Juste founded, during a stop by the funeral motorcade in the southern city of Miragoâne. 29, 2004, coup d’état that overthrew his government.

Before and during the service, several mourners shouted slogans or analysis that was hostile to the church hierarchy and the U. Now they come out when he’s dead, but they were nowhere to be found when he was alive! It can’t be Haiti, the valiant nation founded by our ancestors! Nonetheless, Haiti’s education minister attended the jam-packed, often chaotic funeral along with dozens of senators and deputies, political party leaders and former government officials. After the funeral, a motorcade of about 20 cars and eight buses headed south on Route National #2, accompanying the hearse carrying the coffin.

” “After 200 years, we are living under the boots of other nations,” yelled another man. ” The Préval government has still refrained from making any declarations about Jean-Juste close to a month following his death at a hospital in Miami on May 27 (see Haïti Liberté, Vol. At several points during the service, mourners broke out in chants of “Aristide! Every 10 or 15 miles along the route, there would be a large white and black banner across the road signed by Veye Yo.

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