Ukraine local dating

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Or you can now travel exclusively by fast & comfortable daytime trains with overnight stops in Berlin & Krakow. Why not spend some time in Berlin, Warsaw or Krakow on the way?

Option 1, using the Warsaw-Kiev Kiev Express - the most time-effective option, taking 2 nights...

Ordered online through 243 zlotys (51 or 57) in a 3-bed sleeper. All these prices are per person per bed, berths are sold individually.

For train times & fares in all ex-Soviet countries see

Treat yourself to a meal and kill a couple of hours over a beer and some food in the restaurant...

An excellent sausage soup, a main course of schnitzel, potato and salad, all served on proper china, a beer and coffee all come to only around 10.

Option 2, by daytime trains with overnight stops in Berlin & Krakow - if you prefer comfortable daytime trains & hotels to sleepers, don't mind it taking a day longer, and fancy a morning in Krakow into the bargain...

Option 3, using the Vienna-Kiev overnight sleeper - another good option, taking 2 nights including a day in Vienna. Departures are daily all year round except Christmas Day. The Berlin-Warsaw Express has modern air-conditioned smooth-riding coaches in both 1st & 2nd class, most with compartments and side corridor like this, but some with seats in open-plan saloons.

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