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In other words, a new carrier would be one more reason to forget the bad old days when the Soviet Union disintegrated.“We think of the Soviet Union as a dreary place, but Russians also remember that it wielded great power,” Holmes continued.

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Construction took place at the Black Sea Shipyard in Ukraine—often called Nikolayev South Shipyard 444.

It’s an old facility, dating back to the 18th century when Prince Grigory Potemkin signed orders in 1789 authorizing new docks to repair Russian naval vessels damaged during the Russo-Turkish War.

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Potemkin’s two steam catapults, ski-jump and four sets of arresting cables would have created a bustling flight deck. “They wouldn’t spend themselves into oblivion to keep up with the Joneses, and as a great land power, they obviously had enormous claims on their resources to fund the army and air force.

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