Uma thurman dating

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Uma thurman dating

The Kill Bill director recalled in great detail the day Thurman was injured while filming the driving scene. Thurman said she thought she was paralyzed by the stunt.He said no one considered it a stunt given it was just driving, but when Thurman voiced concerns he personally drove down the road to test it out and informed her it was safe.'I came in there all happy telling her she could totally do it, it was a straight line, you will have no problem. The incident occurred as they finished filming for Kill Bill Vol. It would later be split into two parts by Weinstein who was the producer.They are pictured together in 2003 Tarantino, who has drawn criticism ever since the details of the crash emerged, told Deadline confirmed that he was the one who gave the footage to Thurman to help her with the NYT article. 'CAA never sent anyone to Mexico,' writes Thurman.'I hope they look after other clients more respectfully if they in fact want to do the job for which they take money with any decency.' Thurman claims Weinstein forced himself on her in a hotel room in London between Pulp Fiction (1994) and Kill Bill (2003).He said he dug up the 15-year-old footage after speaking to Thurman for sometime about how she was going to reveal her encounters with Weinstein.'Uma and I had talked about it, for a long period of time, deciding how she was going to do it. They are pictured with Tarantino, who she says knew about it, in 2004 promoting Kill Bill Vol.

'Quentin came in my trailer and didn't like to hear no, like any director. And he was very angry at that, I guess understandably, because he didn’t feel he had tried to kill me.'For years, she said they continued to fight over it and she begged him to show her the footage but he always refused.The scene in question is the famous moment Thurman's character at the end of the first film along a winding road.Thurman said in the NYT article that she was hesitant about filming it herself and wanted a stunt double to do the difficult driving because, she claimed, the car was unsafe. It was a sand road and it was not a straight road,' she said.Thurman refused to agree to those terms and has, for the last 15 years, been trying to get the footage from Tarantino himself. After the Weinstein scandal broke, Tarantino gave it to her.She equates it with him 'atoning' for the danger he put her in and the pair are on good terms.

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The cigarette somewhat ruined the appearance of a healthy lifestyle, with Uma otherwise sporting all the kit of a professional hiker.

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