Updating data sources with dataadapters

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Updating data sources with dataadapters

Using the Data Adapters you can fill Data Set and use this dataset for retrieving and storing information.

When all the tasks get completed, update Real Database with datasets.

are used for controlling Datasets and it provides communication between Data Sets and Data Source.

Data Adapters make a connection with Data Source and then Fill Data to Data Sets. In this chapter, you learned how to work with Data Set and Data Table in C# ADO. You can locally work with the dataset and after completing all the modification, save back to the database.

Adding record one at a time will make round trips to sql server and reduce the performance. or directly Insert the rows using sql data adapter class.In this case, to post changes back to an underlying data source, call the Adapter's Update method. Data Service Query table stored within a Microsoft. Note that implementing in-place editing when the Data Grid is bound to a server-side data source, including Open Data sources, is not recommended.When binding to the Entity Framework and Entity Framework Core models, the Data Grid is bound to a Db Context object. A preferable approach for this scenario is to make a substitute Data Grid source (e.g., a Binding List object populated from an OData source).Thanks in advance Mark You could do it all in a single HTTP Request with n object as you parameter or you could use Web API batching.Repeating step two would not be a good idea if you have a lot of records.

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