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If the building is no longer slated for sacred purposes then it is better that it no longer exist.

In many upper-income neighborhoods the church building itself is worthless and the property is more beneficial being “converted” to high-end condominiums.

What the Modernists said about the ethnic churches in many of our cities and towns is often true: they were often not well built and not that beautiful.

The best option, of course, is to find a creative way to keep these historic churches open.

They are important to their neighborhoods and to the life of the city.

At the minimum, these churches could be open for special occasions: baptisms, weddings, funerals, and important feast days.

In Europe, religious confraternities and guilds own oratories and are responsible for their maintenance and sacred use.

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This is because we have come to believe that the architecture itself is not sacred, the place has not been sanctified by its use, and if we move the furniture out, it is okay for a temple to become a den of thieves.

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